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Our first Trihawk-L newsgroup was hosted by Blair Anderson of Winnipeg, Canada between May 1997 through December 1999. Blair has an EXCELLENT Citroën website that you are encouraged to visit: Citroën Connection

After Dember 1999, the list moved to and then to and most recently... to Talk about your small fish getting swallowed up an even bigger fish! Each switch has in fact been accompanied by an upgrade, with new features such as online chat, a files area where list members can upload pix, and much more.

Along with the help of Jeroen Cats from Holland, we will keep the Trihawk-L in proper working order. His website has lots of Citroën related information. Please visit: Cats Citroën

Joining the Trihawk-L newsgroup is REALLY EASY!!! Just send an e-mail to and that is pretty much it. Nothing else is required to be in the subject line or in the body of the message. In short order you will receive a message to your InBox announcing that you've joined the Trihawk-L. Since the group is now a part of Yahoo, you will need to go to a provided link to create a Yahoo ID and password, which is free. Or, put your e-mail address in the space below and click the Yahoo! button. Easy!

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Other newsgroup lists that you may be interested in participate with are the GSA-L and the 3-Wheeler-L. To subscribe to the GSA-L send an e-mail to and to subscribe to the 3-Wheeler-L send an e-mail to Nothing else is required to be in the subject line or in the body of the message.

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Q: What's a newsgroup anyways?

A: It's an e-conference between you and everyone else who is subscribed to the Trihawk-L newsgroup. The messages are sent to your normal e-mail address - you do not need any extra software.

Q: How does it work?

A: You send an e-mail with your thought provoking message to and then will broadcast the message to everyone that is subscribed to the Triahwk-L. NOTE: Only people that are subscribed to the list are permitted by the list-server to send messages.

Q: How do I reply to a message I receive?

A: Use the REPLY function in your e-mail program; same as you normally do.

Q: What about unsubscribing from the Trihawk Newsgroup?

A: Visit the Trihawk-L Members page, and change your profile to "Unsubscribe" or - simply send an e-mail to

Q: What is "Digest Mode"?

A: When you subscribe, your Memebr Profile will default to you receiving "Individual E-mails" which means if 10 messages are sent to the list in a day, you will receive 10 messages. If you change your Member Profile to "Daily Digest" then you would receive ONE message with the 10 messages included inside it. To change your Member Profile, visit the Trihawk-L Members page. Usually this option is only useful if the list is generating 20 or more messages per day. Historically speaking - we ain't there yet :)

Q: I don't want to receive messages through my e-mail account!

A: You can choose to view the messages from the web only. Visit the Trihawk-L Members page, and change your Member Profile to "No Mail/Web only". Then, to view messages, do so through the Trihawk-L Messages page.

Q: I sent a picture of my beautiful Trihawk as an attachment to the list - and it never showed up. What's the deal with that?

A: The Trihawk-L is setup to automatically delete attachments, which is intended to cut down on the bandwidth assaulting our Inbox's

Q: But I don't have a webpage, so how can I show off my Trihawk?

A: You can create a folder and upload any file type (*.doc *.txt *.gif *.jpg etc. etc.) to the Trihawk-L Files page. From there, anyone that is a Trihawk-L member/subscriber can access and view the files you put there.

Q: Netiquette? What's that?

A: The "rules of the road" that we adhere to when using the newsgroup. If you are new to Lists and Newsgroups, please take a moment to review that page.

Q: Should I believe everything I read on the Trihawk-L newsgroup?

A: All standard disclaimers apply to information shared on the newsgroup. Use your best judgment!

Start day for the Trihawk Newsgroup (v2.0) is January 11, 2000

Questions? Send us an e-mail!

e-mail to: 1adam12 [at] designmassif [dot] com