Warren Behler reporting - Dateline: May 21, 2005

It was a really NICE day with fourteen 3-wheelers showing up in Bolinas, California which is located on the coast, a 30 mile drive north of San Francisco.

Only three Trihawks made it; Jim Thomas, from Springfield (near Salem), Oregon, Larry Schultz, from Fremont, and Sil from San Jose. Paul Postelwait was going to come, but had a last minute problem crop up at home, so didn't get there. John Baldwin would've come in his "Tallhawk" if the gathering had been any other day, as it was his 50th year Hi-School Reunion and he didn't want to miss out on it. Mary & I were going to come in our Trihawk, but recent family illnesses used up all the time I'd reserved to get our Trihawk roadworthy again... plus I spent a few "Trihawk Days" tearing up our deck to put in a handrail by our entry steps...

That would've made six Trihawks to balance out the six Scorpions (all that are in California, so far). We also had a Mopetta (I think there's only 18 of them in the entire World!), a nice Messerschmitt owned by Marc and a pair of Trikings. Someone from the East Bay showed up in an Indy Cycle. I didn't get his name, nor a photo of his creation (click the link)... It's a single seater, looking much like a Formula One car when it's heading towards you, but has a whole motorcycle (minus its front fork) stuffed up its tail. The motorcycle mechanicals aren't covered by bodywork, so it looks kinda weird from the side (like a motorcycle that rear-ended a car).

After gathering in Bolinas, we all caravanned up to Point Reyes Station for "Show & Tell" on the main street of the town. That brought traffic on Hwy-1 to a virtual standstill for about an hour! Mary & I left them there, when the 3-wheelers took off to explore the area's wonderful back roads.

Photos by Warren and Dean (as noted per image)

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