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I have listed some items of interest below. If you think of anything else of interest contact me at the address at the bottom of the page. Thanks

Rue de CitroŽn

My CitroŽn's at Gopher Gulch (under construction) Check out my cars here!

2CV RAID Archives (under construction) Check out a detailed history of 2CV RAIDs from around the world.

CitroŽn Special Tools Library (under construction) This is where you can browse and view drawings of all those crazy tools. Make them yourself, or place an order.

Wacky CitroŽn Picture Library (under contruction) These photos show hacked and mutilated CitroŽn vehicles were produced in a way that Father Andre never intended!

Sacramento Valley CitroŽn Club Home Page for our local CitroŽn club. Chock full of newsy bits...check it out!

The ICCCR MAD DASH Find out about traveling across the USA with other CitroŽn enthusiasts for the big meeting in Amherst, MA for 2002.

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